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Do you need professional feedback on your singing? Submit your clips now to receive constructive and personalized advice from an experienced vocal coach!


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  Submit Your Clip

  • Record your singing clip (audio or video) in MP3 or MP4 format. If you need an easy place to record your clip, visit and copy the URL into the submission form.

  • Fill out the submission form on our website.

  • Include any specific questions or areas you'd like feedback on.

  • We provide feedback for clips up to 90 seconds, roughly a verse and a chorus of a standard song. You may submit longer clips for convenience, but feedback will only cover the first 90 seconds.

Receive Feedback

  • Once your clip is received, our vocal coaches will review it and provide detailed feedback.

  • Feedback will be sent to you via email.

  • You will receive constructive and personalized advice tailored to your voice and singing style.

 Stay Connected

  • Follow our Instagram account (better_vocals) for updates, tips, and additional resources.

  • Engage with our community on Reddit (r/bettervocals) for ongoing support and inspiration.


1. What is the purpose of this feedback service? The service aims to provide specific guidance and constructive feedback for singers in contemporary genres. It's designed to help singers improve their skills and overcome any confusion they might have in their singing journey.

2. Who can participate in the service? The service is open to anyone interested in contemporary singing, especially those who are open to receiving constructive criticism in a supportive environment.

3. How will I receive my feedback? Your feedback will be provided through email, ensuring personalized and detailed responses.

4. When will I receive my feedback? You will receive your feedback within a few days of submission, depending on the volume of clips received.

5. Will my recording be played publicly? No, your recordings will not be played publicly. All feedback is given privately to respect your privacy and confidentiality.

6. Will I receive personal feedback on my voice? Yes, you will receive detailed, personalized feedback on your voice based on the submitted recordings. 

7. Is this really free? Yes, the first submission is free. If you'd like to submit more you can either purchase a subscription plan or make a one time payment for each additional submission ($4.95)

8. What genres are covered in this service? The service focuses on contemporary singing genres.

9. How can I stay updated on the service details? Follow the Instagram account (better_vocals) and keep an eye on the Reddit thread (r/bettervocals) for updates and additional resources.

10. Will there be more feedback opportunities in the future? Yes, future you can refer to number 7.

11. How can I get specific advice on my voice? Submit your voice clips and specific questions you have about your singing. Detailed feedback will be provided.


12. What should I do if I have more questions? Feel free to ask any additional questions via email at Your questions will be answered as promptly as possible.

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