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your unique voice 

Learn a system that will help you develop a unique and free sound. Transform your voice through coaching.

Affordable Classes

Get a bang for your buck while becoming a vocal athlete.

Tailored Exercises

Enjoy exercises to use for your daily practice sessions.

Comfort of Your Home

Experience the convenience of virtual training and see the effectiveness yourself.

Fulfill Your Vocal Potential

Tired of struggling with your voice?

Say goodbye to frustration and hello to fulfillment!


Hi, I'm Moleek Simmons. With my professional guidance and tailored approach, you'll experience the joy of singing confidently, effortlessly hitting every note, and discovering your authentic sound. And the best part? It's all available at an affordable price!

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Our students experience the breakthroughs they've always wanted.

With lessons learners quickly...

Increase in confidence

Get the results you've yearned for through fundamental techniques. 

Extend their range

You'll learn to rid yourself of bad habits and FINALLY learn how to access your mix voice.

Have more power

You'll be whipped into vocal shape and develop strong breath and projection skills.

How do our students feel?
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Affordable Program

Group Classes

Join our online group voice classes for singers of all levels! Enhance your vocal skills in a supportive and collaborative environment. From fundamentals to performance, we've got you covered.


1 on 1

Private Instruction

Refine your voice with personalized private lessons! Unlock your full potential with expert guidance tailored to your goals and skill level.

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